You can explore upcoming space 4X game Distant Worlds 2’s immersive galaxy up close

distant worlds 2 galaxy Iq8g4P

Paradox Interactive’s Stellaris may be the king of space 4X games at the moment, but it’s going to face some stiff competition as we look to the future. Both Galactic Civilizations IV and Distant Worlds 2 are making their way through the void to compete for your attention, and the latter is getting some really immersive environments as one way to try and give it an edge.

Recent Distant Worlds 2 dev diaries have looked at procedural rendering of planets and how narrative content is seeded into the galaxy map, while the newest diary – releasing tomorrow – will talk about galactic ‘terrain’ and faster than light travel. The developers want to keep the freedom of movement that was present in the original Distant Worlds game, but add character and terrain by imposing select limitations, in a similar move to what happened in Stellaris’ 1.5 update many years ago.

Better yet, you can experience the world of Distant Stars close-up through some extra work the team is doing with camera angles. “We’ve recently added some new camera modes that put the player right down on the horizontal plane amongst the action,” producer Erik Rutins explains. “It can almost become a first-person game instead of a strategy game.”

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