WoW Burning Crusade Classic – should you choose Aldor or Scryers?

wow burning crusade View of Shattrath from Aldor tier VgNYeo

Wondering whether to choose Aldor or Scryers in Burning Crusade? Players in The Burning Crusade version of World of Warcraft Classic have an important choice to make when they hit Shattrath, the capital city of Outland. They must decide between two factions, Aldor or Scryers, which control different areas of the city — and this choice has a big impact on questing and gameplay later on.

The Aldor are a Draenei race faction occupying a high platform on the west side of the city and the accompanying bank underneath. Scryers are Blood Elves that hold a similar platform and bank to the southeast. Both offer unique rewards and questlines, and the more questlines you do for one, the more reputation you will lose with the other.

This is an important choice to make, so before you choose, take a look at the rewards from each faction – you may want to go with a faction that grants better equipment for your class. Here’s everything you need to know before choosing between Aldor or Scryers.

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