Woljif Build Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous Guide

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Woljif Build Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous Guide – In this Woljif Build Guide, I’m going to break down the Archetype to multiclass with, Attributes, Skills, Feats, Medical Discoveries, Spells, Mythic Path, and Equipment you should choose in order to take advantage of Woljif’s Sneak Attacks. We’re going to multiclass with the Vivisectionist Alchemist to stack these attacks and to buff ourselves with Mutagens and Spells. If you’re looking for a way to efficiently eliminate enemies up close with a Dual Dagger Melee Build, then this Woljif Build Guide is for you!

Woljif Build Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous Guide

By default, Woljif’s Eldritch Scoundrel Prestige Class is average at best. It aims to combine the best features of a Rogue and a Wizard, however, it isn’t very effective. You don’t get Sneak Attacks as often as you should and your Spell Slots per level are too limited. Your Armor Class (AC) or how difficult it is to hit you is also low to begin with, which means that you often need to be micromanaged just to stay alive in Combat.

As such, we’re going to multiclass with the Vivisectionist Alchemist. Not only are you able to take Sneak Attacks at every other level, but you also gain access to Medical Discoveries. These provide you with Attribute and defense buffs, which can be activated prior to the start of an encounter. You also perform an additional Natural Attack on top of the Melee Attacks you execute with Daggers.

By the time you meet Woljif at Level 3, he automatically has the following Rogue Eldritch Scoundrel Feats, Proficiencies and Abilities:

Tiefling – Gain Racial Bonuses to Dexterity, Intelligence, Persuasion and Stealth Checks. You do, however, receive a penalty to Charisma. Additionally, you can cast Resist Spells to mitigate the damage dealt by different Energy Types.
Pickpocket – Adds Trickery and Stealth to your Skills. You also receive an Initiative Roll Bonus to raise the chances of going first in combat.
Weapon Finesse – Grants you the ability to use your Dexterity Modifier rather than the Strength Modifier for Attack Rolls when wielding Rapiers, Elven Curve Blades, Estoc or Light Weapons such as Daggers.
Trapfinding – Raises the chances of success when rolling for Perception Checks.
Cantrips – Gain Level 0 Spells that can be used for an unlimited number of times per day.
Eldritch Scoundrel Proficiency – Receive Simple Weapon, Crossbows, Shortbows, Shortswords and Rapier Proficiencies. However, you don’t gain Armor nor Shield Proficiency since these interfere with Spell Casting.
Two-Weapon Fighting Feat – Reduce your Attack Roll penalties when fighting with Two Weapons. With this Feat and since you’ll be dual-wielding Daggers, you only receive a -4 penalty for both of your Main Hand and Off-hand Attacks.
Sneak Attack (Levels 1 and 3) – Deals extra 1-6 or 1d6 Damage when the enemy is flanked or denied their Dodge or Dexterity Bonus to AC. This means that they’re unprepared for your attack so you’re able to effectively target their vulnerabilities. Note that Sneak Attacks stack so at Level 3, you’ll be able to deal +2d6 Damage.

Scribe Scrolls – Improves the chances of successfully scribing Scrolls when resting.
Weakening Wound – Decreases your enemy’s Damage Reduction (DR).
Evasion – Lets you avoid attacks with ease. Specifically, when you succeed in making a Reflex Saving Throw or Save to reduce the damage you take, you instead don’t receive damage at all.
Double Slice Feat – Includes your Strength Bonus to your Off-hand Weapon’s Damage Rolls.
Danger Sense – Receive Reflex Save and Dodge Bonuses against Trap Attacks.
Finesse Training (Dagger) – Adds your Dexterity Modifier rather than the Strength Modifier to your Damage Rolls when using Daggers.

Multiclassing | Woljif Pathfinder WotR Build

Starting at Level 5 and onward, you’ll be multiclassing with the Vivisectionist Alchemist. In addition to the benefits I mentioned earlier, you also work your way towards gaining Poison Resistance and eventually, Poison Immunity when you reach Level 10.

At Level 1, you’ll receive these essential features:

Sneak Attack – Receive 1d6 damage at every other level.
Mutagen – Gain Natural Armor Bonus to AC as well as bonuses to Dexterity, Constitution and Strength. Note that with these perks, the rest of your Attributes such as Wisdom, Charisma and Intelligence, are penalized. However, the -2 penalty isn’t incremental so using the Mutagen is still a great tradeoff for the boosts you receive.
Brew Potions – Lets you successfully craft potions while resting.

Attributes | Woljif Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous Build

Starting at Level 4 and after every four levels, you’ll be able to add 1 point to any of your Attributes. With Woljif, you’ll improve two Attributes, namely Dexterity and Constitution. The Dexterity Bonus you get not only increases your AC, but it also improves your Melee Attack and Damage Rolls. Because of this, you’ll want to allocate 4 points when you reach Levels 4, 8, 12 and 16. In total, you’ll get 24 Dexterity with a modifier of +7.

At Level 20, you can then invest 1 point into Constitution to enhance your max HP and Fortitude Saves. Your Constitution should increase to 14 with a modifier of +2.

Because of the Mutagen you’ll be applying, you can easily buff Dexterity and Constitution. Specifically, when you drink the Grand Mutagen – Dexterity and Constitution, you receive +8 Dexterity and +6 Constitution.

Skills | Woljif Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous Build

Since Woljif has numerous Skill points per level, you can invest in Persuasion, Mobility, Trickery, Stealth and Perception. Persuasion is essential in order to successfully intimidate enemies after you activate the Dazzling Display Feat. Mobility helps you avoid Attacks of Opportunity when you move near them. It also lets you pass through difficult terrain and paths so you can progress in quests.

Next, Stealth allows you to sneak up on targets whereas Trickery is useful in disarming traps and opening chests, which are both predominant in the game. Lastly, Perception helps identify if there’s anything noteworthy or dangerous in the area and it prevents your party from being surprised while resting.

Feats | Woljif Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous Build

From Levels 5 to 19, you’ll be able to choose 8 Feats for Woljif with 1 Feat at every other level. You’ll focus on acquiring as many bonuses for your Damage Rolls as possible while improving the chances of making Critical Hits. In total, you’re able to hit enemies 7 times – 3 attacks per Dagger and 1 Bite Attack. You can use all of these as long as enemies are adjacent to one another.

Here are the Feats that you ought to take in order:

Level 5
Level 7
Weapon Focus (Dagger)
Level 9
Piranha Strike
Level 11
Combat Reflexes or Outflank (Teamwork Feat)
Level 13
Dazzling Display
Level 15
Shatter Defenses
Level 17
Greater Two-Weapon Fighting
Level 19
Improved Critical (Dagger)


Dodge – Increases your AC by 1.
Weapon Focus (Dagger) – Gains a +1 Attack Roll Bonus when using Daggers.
Piranha Strike – Receive considerable Melee Damage Roll Bonuses at the cost of taking Melee Attack Roll and Combat Maneuver Checks (CMC) penalties. Remember to activate Piranha Strike beforehand to gain these bonuses.
Combat Reflexes or Outflank (Teamwork Feat) – Significantly increase the number of extra attacks you can perform with Attacks of Opportunity based on your Dexterity Bonus. On the other hand, if you have an ally who has Outflank, then you can opt to get this Teamwork Feat instead. Provided that you’re both flanking the same target, you get a +4 Attack Roll Bonus, which completely removes the penalty you receive from Piranha Strike. When you critically hit them, your teammate immediately executes a follow-up Attack of Opportunity.
Dazzling Display – Demoralizes enemies within 30 feet of you upon successfully making a Persuasion Check.
Shatter Defenses – Makes enemies, who are affected by Dazzling Display and other conditions, flat-footed. This is a very potent Feat because they lose their Dexterity Bonus to AC in the process. Meanwhile, you’re able to proc Sneak Attack in order to inflict massive damage.
Greater Two-Weapon Fighting – Receive a 3rd attack using your Off-hand Weapon but the penalty increases to -10. In order to get Greater Two-Weapon Fighting in the first place, you’ll need to obtain Improved Two-Weapon Fighting. You can get this by selecting Combat Trick under Medical Discovery when you reach Level 4.
Improved Critical (Dagger) – Doubles your threat range, thereby improving the chances of eventually scoring a Critical Hit. Let’s use the Masterwork Dagger as an example. When you have Improved Critical, its default threat range of 19-20 becomes 17-20. As long as your Attack Roll falls within this range, you can make another Attack Roll to confirm a Critical Hit.

Medical Discoveries | Woljif Pathfinder WotR Build

Starting at Vivisectionist Level 2 until Level 16, you can choose from a list of Medical Discoveries, which you should take in the following order, to further enhance your capabilities.

Feral Mutagen – Gains an extra Bite Attack on top of your Dagger’s 6 attacks when you drink a Mutagen. This works very well with Dazzling Display since you also get Persuasion Check Bonuses.
Combat Trick: Improved Two-Weapon Fighting Feat – Receives a second Off-hand Weapon Attack but you receive a -5 penalty.
Feral Wings – Gains a +3 Dodge Bonus to AC against Melee Attacks.
Enhance Potion – Accounts for your Class’s Level rather than the Caster’s when consuming potions, making them much more potent.
Crippling Strike – Deal extra 2 points worth of damage against Strength after inflicting a Sneak Attack.
Infusion – Lets you use the Alchemist’s Spells on your allies. For instance, Transformation, which has the ‘Personal’ tag in its description, can now be cast on them too.
Greater Mutagen – Improves your Mutagen Feature such that you now receive a +4 Natural Armor Bonus to AC. You also gain Alchemical Bonuses to two of your Attributes.
Grand Mutagen – Further boosts your Mutagen where you now take a +6 Natural Armor Bonus to AC together with massive increases to two of your Attributes.

Spells | Woljif Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous Build

When it comes to Spells, you’ll want to get the ones that boost your defenses such as Mage Armor, Barkskin, Shield, Haste and Transformation. You immediately gain access to Mage Armor since this is a part of the initial Spells for the Eldritch Scoundrel. You’ll obtain the other four from leveling up the Alchemist Class. Together with Grand Mutagen, make sure to at least apply Mage Armor, Barkskin and Shield prior to the start of an encounter to significantly increase your AC.

You should also obtain Illusion Spells to partially conceal Woljif, especially at earlier levels. Examples of essential Spells are Mirror Image that you can get by reaching Eldritch Scoundrel Level 4, Blur, Displacement, and Greater Invisibility. Lastly, you also have the option to heal yourself and the rest of your allies with Cure Wounds Spells or to grant temporary HP, which will first be targeted by enemies, with False Life, Greater.

Mythic Path | Woljif

You can pick 10 Mythic Abilities and Feats in any order to enhance Woljif’s defensive and offensive capabilities. For Mythic Abilities, you should acquire the following:

Archmage Armor – Provides you with additional Armor Bonus after personally casting Mage Armor.
Abundant Casting and Improved Abundant Casting – Increases the number of Spells you’re able to use.
Ever Ready – Receive Attack and Damage Roll Bonuses for every Attack of Opportunity you perform.
Leading Strike – Marks the enemy upon hitting them. Once attacked by any of your allies, they receive extra Divine Damage.

For Mythic Feats, you’re going to select the ones that further improve your Attack and Damage Rolls, Sneak Attack Damage, and Critical Multiplier, specifically the Mythic versions of Weapon Focus, Piranha Strike, Sneak Attacker, and Improved Critical, respectively. Lastly, in order to reduce the penalty you receive for iterative attacks, it’s good to take Flawless Attacks.


In terms of Woljif’s Weapons, you’ll equip the best Daggers you come across. Make sure to wield Masterwork versions so you receive a +1 bonus to your Attack Rolls. Even if you gain Light Armor Proficiency with Vivisectionist, you won’t be wearing one since bonuses of the same type don’t stack. The Armor Bonus you receive from Mage Armor and Archmage Armor (Mythic) are both much higher compared to Light Armor anyway.

To raise all of your Saves and your AC, it’s recommended to wear the Cloak of Resistance and Ring of Protection. The latter’s Deflection Bonus doesn’t clash with the other bonuses you have.

Final Tips

Woljif’s Build becomes more manageable the moment you fully invest in the Vivisectionist Alchemist Archetype since you no longer have to micromanage him in order to survive encounters. With the Grand Mutagen, Ring of Protection, buffs, and bonuses, he can reach up to 50 AC.

To determine whether or not bonuses stack with one another, make sure to equip newly discovered items while your buffs are active. For instance, the Enhancement Bonuses you acquire from the Belt of Incredible Dexterity and the Transformation Spell aren’t cumulative since they’re essentially the same bonus type.

Lastly, remember to personally cast Haste and Transformation especially when you’re dealing with strong enemies as these Spells provide you with 2 additional Melee Attacks for your Main Hand Weapon. In total, you’re able to execute 9 attacks per turn.

Stay tuned for more of these Companion Build Guides and be sure to check our Twitch Channel or the Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous Wiki if you have questions on the game! What did you think of this guide? Which Companion would you like to see next? Let us know in the comments below!

The post Woljif Build Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous Guide appeared first on Fextralife.

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