Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Storm Ground review – solid strategy debut

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Six years ago Games Workshop expanded their venerable Warhammer Fantasy Battle wargame by introducing the new, sexy Age of Sigmar. Out went the quasi-medieval Old World with its blocks of grubby foot knights, in came the multi-dimensional Mortal Realms and shiny, superhuman Stormcast Eternals. It had a warm reception – by which I mean one guy was so disgusted he set a thousand dollar model collection on fire – but six years is long enough for new blood to discover and adopt the setting.

Barring a couple of digital card games and autobattlers, Storm Ground is Age of Sigmar’s first major outing in videogames – and you can buy it here, coincidentally. So, does Storm Ground land like a thunderbolt hurled from Azyr, or bubble up like a swampy fart in the rotten cauldron of Nurgle?

The Age of Sigmar is a time of ceaseless war between the many Gods and their servants. Three factions feature in this turn-based strategy game, the lightning-riding Stormcast who serve beardy, hammer-fixated Sigmar, the Maggotkin of the plague god Nurgle, and the Nighthaunt, ghostly slaves to Nagash, lord of Undeath. They’re all more or less immortal – killing a Stormcast sends their soul back to the realm of Azyr to be reforged on a big magic anvil, Maggotkin go back to the loam in Nurgle’s manky metaphysical compost heap, and the ghosts are kind of already immortal.

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