Want More Cool Mini Game Systems? Say Hello To The Taito EGRET II Mini


Now THAT is rad.

If you like retro, arcades and awesome re-releases / re-imaginings, take a seat and a deep breath. Then click on the video above and behold the Taito EGRET II Mini. Soak it in, we’ll wait…

In terms of cool factor, it has it. As you can see in the video it has a screen that you rotate from landscape to portrait, which should be fantastic for games in TATE. You’ll also be able to switch the joystick from 8- to 4-direction, to match the game you’re playing. In terms of games it’ll have 40 built in, with another 10 that’ll be sold in an expansion pack with a trackball controller; there’s an SD slot, too, in which you’ll be able to run other games that you purchase.

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