Want an Animal Crossing PC game? Here are seven alternatives

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Nintendo finally gave Animal Crossing fans what they wanted at last year’s E3: a release date and title for the next entry in the fantastic village simulation series. And now here we are, basking in the aftermath of one of Nintendo’s most successful launches. A Nintendo Switch isn’t free though, and its price tag can be hard to justify if you’re only planning on getting New Horizon to while away weeks or months of self-isolation. Sometimes we can’t live our best lives.

But fortunately for PC players (as much as can be; Animal Crossing is a blessing), there are plenty of games on PC that replicate what Animal Crossing does pretty well. If you’re looking for a little balm for an AC-less summer, look no further; we’ve listed six of the best alternatives on our platform below.

So, grab your shovel for fossil hunting, a net to catch those bugs catching, and a creative attitude for interior decorating: Animal Crossing provides a unique approach to relaxation and these PC games do a damn fine job following in its footsteps.

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