Walmart’s Prime Day Counter-Sale Is Live Now

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Amazon is running its typical annual sales event, Prime Day, on June 21-22. But, other retailers aren’t simply ready to just sit by and let Amazon get all the attention. Walmart has even launched its very own sales event, running all the way through Prime Day, and deal prices are already starting to go live.

There’s plenty to check out in the sale, including video games, 4K TVs, Apple headphones, gadgets, and a whole lot more. Best Buy has even got its ‘Bigger Deals’ counter-sale on at the same time if you want to check out those discounts as well.

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TL;DR – Our Favorite Walmart Deals

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Walmart Video Game Deals

Walmart has a pretty respectable selection of video games on sale right now, although most of them are matching sale prices at other retailers. The Switch games for $39.88 are pretty solid deals, as are the (few) deals on PS5 games.

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Walmart TV Deals

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Walmart Apple Device Deals

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Walmart Tech Deals

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More Prime Day Coverage

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