Video: Remembering Zelda’s Sister Game – The Mysterious Murasame Castle

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Link’s forgotten sibling ‘Takamaru’.

It’s been long documented that Metroid and Kid Icarus were closely developed. They share the same engine, many of the same staff members and were released within the same time period – hence why people call them sister games. What’s lesser known however is The Legend of Zelda had a sibling of its own. Together these four games headlined the launch window of the Famicom Disc System. These were; Metroid, Kid Icarus, Zelda…and The Mysterious Murasame Castle.

There’s a high chance you haven’t heard of this title as its Western release didn’t come around until 2014 on the 3DS Virtual Console but all this time a game using the same framework as Zelda has been thriving on the Famicom. Murasame Castle introduced Japanese players to Takamaru, a character Western players will likely recognise as an Assist Trophy starting with Super Smash Bros. for Wii U & 3DS.

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