Tokyo’s Super-Secret ‘Nintendo Cafe’ Isn’t So Secret Anymore

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“I am shouldering debt, and we are barely getting by, treading water”.

Remember that super-secret cafe / bar in Tokyo dubbed the ‘Mecca of Nintendo Fans’? We reported on it way back in 2018, but it’s back in the news again because the owner has been forced to open it to the general public in order to combat financial woes brought on by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

84 – so-called because owner and former Nintendo engineer Toru Hashimoto began working at the company in that year (and it’s the final round of the Super Mario Bros. game, World 8, Level 4) – was once almost impossible to find. Hashimoto only allowed former industry colleagues and friends to enter, but would occasionally scatter clues relating to its location on social networks; anyone who visited had to promise to never reveal its precise location.

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