This Destiny 2 toaster could be yours for $84.99

destiny 2 toaster G9waDJ

Soon you’ll be able to treat yourself to an official Destiny 2 toaster – no, I’m serious. Bungie revealed in its latest weekly update blog that you can preorder it on the store right now for $84.99 USD / €87.99 if you fancy it – you’ll even get an emblem to let other players in-game know you’ve got one.

There is a story behind the toaster, mind you. Back in June 2020, Bungie said it’d look into making one if the community raised $777,777.77 for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital during one of Bungie’s livestreams supporting the Gaming Community Expo (GCX). Well, the community raised more than $800,000, so Bungie is sticking to its word. On top of that, 10% of profits from sales of the Destiny Toaster is going to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, too.

But why a toaster? “Get that bread” has become somewhat of a community meme centred on getting god-rolled loot or the best static roll weapons the game has to offer, like raid exotics or pinnacle weapons.

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