Third Age Total War mod – a quick guide

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So, you want to know about Third Age Total War? In case you weren’t already aware, this is a popular total conversion mod for Medieval II: Total War, converting it into a grand strategy experience set in J.R.R. Tolkein’s Middle-Earth fantasy setting, around the time of the popular Lord of the Rings trilogy.

It’s not even remotely endorsed by the Tolkein estate, and Creative Assembly also generally discourage mods based on other IPs. In the absence of a decent, modern Lord of the Rings strategy game, it’s also one of the only options available if you’re looking for an authentic and comprehensive LOTR-style experience.

The original mod was released back in 2009, and was updated through to 2012 with the 3.2 update that added in a playable fellowship campaign, new custom settlements, and a raft of other changes and revisions. It hasn’t been updated in the years since, however, and new projects have arisen to try and fill the void, the three main ones being Third Age: Total War 4.0, Third Age Total War – Divide and Conquer, and Third Age Total War Reforged.

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