The WoW mythic Sanctum of Domination world first has been won

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Well, they’ve done it. Seven days on from the launch of World of Warcraft’s Sanctum of Domination raid, the race to become world first to beat it has ended, with the European Echo guild emerging the champions. Not only has the guild become the first to defeat Sylvanas, but it managed to achieve no deaths at all in the final pull.

That’s as reported on Icy Veins, which notes that Echo managed to pull off the victory by whittling the boss down to 45% and that the guild spent several of those seven days plugging away at Sylvanas herself. The achievement means Echo has ended WoW guild Complexity Limit’s attempt to continue its run of world firsts, with CL having scored the victory in the previous Castle Nathria raid.

Echo’s result is particularly impressive considering some difficulties that came its way around 24 hours before its eventual success, with a WoW mythic Sylvanas hotfix temporarily scuppering the guild’s battle plan. The team’s initial strategy was to have player Noawh tank one of Sylvanas’ intermission adds – the Mawforged Colossus – while the rest of the guild battered away at the big boss while she was in her damage phases. This was aimed at bringing Sylvanas down to 45% before her enrage mechanic kicked in.

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