The best Warzone AS VAL loadout

call of duty warzone best warzone as val loadout 1 nRh3St

Looking for the best Warzone AS VAL loadout? The Russian assault rifle packs 9×39 subsonic rounds and has a very high rate of fire for its class. The AS VAL feels like it has been built for stealth out of the box, but you can adjust it using our loadout to take down armoured targets with its high penetration.

Best of all, the AS VAL in Warzone is highly configurable, with plenty of sight, grip, magazine, barrel, and stock attachments to choose from. Those subsonic rounds do mean that the AS VAL’s effective range is pretty short compared to most assault rifles in the game, so you’ll want to seek out the best Warzone sniper rifle for your second gun in this loadout. Alternatively, you can try out our Warzone SP-R 208 loadout for a more mobile marksman rifle setup.

Join us as we run through one of the best AS VAL attachment setups you can get, and also the kind of class you should build around this Russian rarity.

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