The best Chivalry 2 classes

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If you ever wondered what it would be like to fight alongside a bunch of medieval knights, now is your chance. Chivalry 2 transports you to the Dark Ages where you can clash swords to your heart’s content. The role you play in battle is up to you: you can choose to be a Knight in heavy armor, a skilled Archer, a nimble Vanguard, or a helpful Footman.

The Chivalry 2 classes have one thing in common: none of them know pain. Besides that, their weapons, attacks, and special abilities are vastly different. Each of the four main classes – Knight, Footman, Vanguard, and Archer – has its own unique playstyle. The Knight is tanky and good with two-handed weapons, while the Vanguard is more vulnerable but faster. Every Chivalry 2 class has three subclasses, allowing you to further customise your playstyle.

It is possible to try every class for yourself, but unlocking new weapons and subclasses takes quite a while. So before you decide to commit to one, take a look at our Chivalry 2 class guide.

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