Terra Nil is the perfect city builder for strategy fans who hate people

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I’ve recently gotten into gardening. I live in rented accommodation, so I should count myself lucky to have any outdoor space, but instead I resented my plot of overgrown weeds, patchy grass, and miscellaneous rubbish. Then spring came, and with it warmer weather and a greater desire to be outside. I got to work cutting back the grass and weeds, potting wild flowers to help attract pollinators, and herbs for some fast-growing greenery. It’s still wild, but there’s some balance there now, and every improvement I make delivers a sense of satisfaction that not even hitting tier 100 on the Rainbow Six Siege battle pass can match.

Terra Nil, a so-called reverse city builder about wasteland rejuvenation, has managed to supply some of that same warm fuzzy feeling in the space of a two-hour sitting. And it doesn’t get dirt under my fingernails either.

You start with a randomly generated slice of wasteland, a limited pool of resources, and a simple, but lofty task: completely renew the land, and then move on without leaving a trace.

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