Talking Point: What’s That One Switch Game You Can’t Bring Yourself To Delete?

large EUgEwS

This is my comfort game! Leave me alone!

I’ve finally reached the point where almost every new game I download onto my Switch gives me the same response. “There’s no room,” it says, gesturing around the virtual space cluttered with games I haven’t touched in months, or even years. “Where am I supposed to put this? Why don’t you get rid of something old?”

Listen, Nintendo Switch. You’re not my mother. And even if you were, I would tell you that you just don’t understand — all of these games are sacred to me in some way. I’m only 2/3 of the way through Luigi’s Mansion 3, and I might finish it some day! I know I haven’t finished Paper Mario: The Origami King, but I want to return to it when I’m not so annoyed about the combat! And don’t even talk to me about Breath of the Wild. As long as I don’t delete it — all 13 space-hogging gigabytes of it — there’s still the promise of more beautiful adventures in that stunning open plain.

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