Talking Point: Do You Want To See More Apple Arcade Games On Switch?

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Core, what an a-peel-ing thought.

It has not escaped my notice that lately, a few games are coming to the Nintendo Switch that were previously Apple Arcade-only. Now, a fun fact (and also a disclaimer) about me is that I actually worked on an Apple Arcade title — I was the writer for Winding Worlds — but I know nothing about how the contracts work.

Nevertheless, I can speculate. With the addition of games like Grindstone, LEGO Builder’s Journey, and Alba: A Wildlife Adventure all within the last few months, I find myself wondering if there’s some kind of timed exclusivity deal that’s just elapsed. Timed exclusivity is a contentious enough topic on its own, and it’s one I’m not about to get into (at least, not in this particular Talking Point), but it raises the question: Could we be seeing a glut of Apple Arcade games on the Switch soon?

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