Super Potato Has Launched an International eBay Store

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One of the world’s most renowned video game stores, Japan’s Super Potato now has a brand new international eBay storefront. The legendary flagship store in Akihabara, Tokyo has become something of a tourist hotspot, and there’s plenty of good reason for it to be. With over three floors of video games anime, and manga products, with a big focus on rare Japanese games. Many of these rare games are now available to purchase via the new eBay storefront, but they certainly aren’t cheap.

For video game enthusiasts, Super Potato really is as good as it can get, and with the opening of its new eBay storefront, everyone can now browse its incredible collection of retro games. If you’ve got pockets deep enough, you might even find yourself buying some of these classic titles, which are undeniably cool. The only caveats are the shipping costs, and that some of the items listed definitely aren’t the cheapest going. We’ve listed a couple of our favorites below, but there are hundreds of retro games to check out, it’s definitely worth browsing through.

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If you want to keep up to date with any new entries to the Super Potato store, then check out @SuperpotatoG on Twitter, or follow @IGNDeals for even more updates on collectables, video games, and more. Will you be buying anything from the eBay store, or waiting for your very own visit to the iconic destination?

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Robert Anderson is a Commerce Editor and deals expert for IGN. Send him awesome gaming screenshots @robertliam21 on Twitter.

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