Soapbox: Without A Dedicated Handheld Division, Is Nintendo Less Weird?

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Missing the micro-games.

Soapbox features enable our individual writers and contributors to voice their own opinions on hot topics or random stuff they’ve been thinking about, opinions that may not necessarily be the voice of the site. Today, Nathan discusses the sense that Nintendo’s handheld hybrid approach with Switch has led to fewer experimental curios…

As early as January 2013, the seeds of Nintendo Switch were — unbeknownst to us — being sown as Nintendo announced plans to merge their previously separate handheld and console game development studios. This idea of unified development was emblematic of the hybrid console fans eventually received, with handheld and home console now just two sides of the Switch’s coin, instead of separate entities. This move meant consumers no longer had to buy two consoles and Nintendo’s many talented development studios all now worked together to produce a steady stream of content for a single system.

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