Snelson: Comedy Is Dying Satirizes the Myth of Cancel Culture

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Cancel culture is a popular topic in 2021, but does it actually exist, or is it just an excuse to write off celebrities’ toxic behavior? That question is at the heart of Snelson: Comedy Is Dying, a new limited series from AHOY Comics.

Snelson: Comedy Is Dying is written by Paul Constant (Planet of the Nerds) and drawn by Fred Harper (Animal Man), with colors by Felipe Sobreiro and lettering by Rob Steen. The first issue also features a variant cover by indie comics legend Peter Bagge.

Snelson: Comedy Is Dying #1 variant cover by Peter Bagge. (Image Credit: Ahoy Comics)

Snelson centers around a washed-up comedian named Melville Snelson, who rose to fame in the ’90s thanks to his shock-filled standup routines. He even claims to have dated Janeane Garofalo. Unfortunately, Snelson’s career has petered out since. He’d have you believe he’s a victim of 21st Century cancel culture. Others would argue he simply failed to evolve with the times. Either way, Snelson is desperate to reclaim the spotlight by any means necessary.

Snelson has plenty to say about the cancel culture debate in 2021, and Constant makes it clear the title character is inspired by some real-world celebrities.

“SNELSON: COMEDY IS DYING is the rare satirical comic that keeps getting more and more relevant as it gets closer to publication,” said Constant in a press release. “If you’ve ever stared in slack-jawed fascination at the shameless grifters who love to whine about being silenced by cancel culture in books, on podcasts, and on YouTube, you’ll absolutely love to hate Melville Snelson.”

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“Comedy might not be dead just yet, but with SNELSON joining the line-up alongside BLACK’S MYTH, SECOND COMING, WRONG EARTH, and more, we here at AHOY are clearly doing our level best to put it in the ground,” said AHOY Editor-in-Chief Tom Peyer.

Snelson: Comedy Is Dying will run for five issues. The series is slated to hit stores on August 4, 2021.

Snelson is one of several new comics to watch this summer. IGN also recently broke the news that Bone creator Jeff Smith is returning to comics with the prehistoric fantasy graphic novel Tuki. We also learned Jon Kent is officially becoming the new Superman in July.

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