Review: Aerial_Knight’s Never Yield – A Super Stylish Yet Straightforward Runner

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Super style over substance.

If there’s one thing that Aerial_Knight’s Never Yield has got totally nailed down, it’s a seriously funky sense of style. This is a super cool side-scrolling runner from Neil “Aerial_Knight” Jones that really does look and sound the absolute business. However, it’s also one that’s somewhat lacking in the gameplay department, making for a rather fleeting experience that, with a few tweaks here and there, could have been so much better.

In Aerial_Knight’s Never Yield, players assume the role of Wally, a citizen of a futuristic Tokyo-style Detroit who’s on the run from authorities after uncovering information that could forever change the fate of the metropolis he’s now attempting to flee through. Gameplay is straightforward here, with colour-coded obstacles rushing towards Wally that he must either jump over, slide under, parkour through or simply smash to pieces by sprinting.

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