Random: So, Someone Just Bought An “Among Us Shaped” Chicken Nugget For Almost $100,000

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After an impressive 184 bids.

We like video games. We like chicken. In fact, a combo of the two can make for a truly cracking night in. This doesn’t mean that we’d ever spend $100,000 on a game-themed chicken nugget, though, and not just because we’ll never be able to afford such a thing in our lifetime.

Amazingly, someone has just purchased an “Among Us shaped” McDonald’s chicken nugget for the low, low sum of $99,997.00 (so around £70,500). It popped up in an eBay listing that – until it saw monstrous success – we would have described as ‘pushing it’; amazingly, 184 bids later, it’s found a (very rich) buyer.

Read the full article on nintendolife.com

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