Random: “Nintendo-kon” Trends In Japan As Two Nintendo Ad Stars Get Hitched

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Love and #NintendoMarriage.

We are gathered here today for our daily dose of wholesome Nintendo content. Japanese Twitter was all abuzz yesterday as a celebrity bride and groom began a life of matrimonial bliss and “Nintendo-kon” started trending. What does it all mean? How is this related to Nintendo? Is this a new Joy-Con controller or console or something?!?!

Err, no. Obviously not. As noted by Kotaku, the two newlyweds in question — singer Gen Hoshino and actor Yui Aragaki — have both appeared in recent Nintendo commercials in the company’s homeland, and “Nintendo-kon” translates as “Nintendo marriage”. Yes, it’s two beautiful Nintendo-y people tying the knot, not some new extension of the Labo Toy-Con series.

Read the full article on nintendolife.com

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