Random: Fortnite’s Ska Dance Emote Foreshadows A Ska Revival

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Oh boy, it’s time to skank.

Fortnite is a bundle of memes and dances taken from TikTok, so let’s take a look at what this latest alien-themed season has brought us, because it’s no doubt something timely and trendy, like… Ska? Huh. Okay!

Well, actually, ska is experiencing somewhat of a revival. Drawing its inspiration from the original ska music, which is all about loud, vibrant brass, upbeat songs with staccato guitars, and the behind-the-beat style of Jamaican Dancehall, there’s now a new bunch of ska artists on the scene. This would be the “fourth wave”, with the third wave happening in the ’90s — think pop-punk-tinged ska, like No Doubt, Less Than Jake, and Reel Big Fish.

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