Random: Forget “Can You Pet The Dog”, Does Your Favourite Game Have A Crab In It?

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Thursday Crab News returns!

It’s Thursday again, folks, and as promised last week, it’s time for another pinch of CRAB NEWS. Yes, we’re doing this every week. Yes, it’s actually quite difficult to find crab news every single week. But we do it for you, dear readers.

This week’s Crab News is fresh from the net: if you’re aware of the Twitter accounts “Can You Pet The Dog” and “Is Something Behind the Waterfall“, two accounts that judge games on whether or not they let you pet animals and find treasure behind waterfalls, you’ll know that they’re big business. The former has almost 500k followers, and the latter 41k followers, which translates roughly to, “wow, people really care about petting things and treasure”.

Read the full article on nintendolife.com

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