Rainbow Six Siege devs reaveal Thunderbird, tease healing gadget

rainbow six siege thunderbird gadget otmTtZ

After the official reveal of Operation North Star earlier this week, Ubisoft has launched another teaser for the new Rainbow Six Siege season. This time, we’re getting a look at the new operator, Thunderbird, and some teasers about what her loadout will look like. In short, expect the new op to provide a fresh set of healing options.

The new teaser trailer shows Mina ‘Thunderbird’ Sky taking off in the rescue chopper we saw in the first North Star image. “Preparation. Speed. Precision,” she says. “These are essential when it comes to saving lives. And that’s how I fly.” The trailer also confirms that Thunderbird will take on the role of a defender.

Thunderbird’s “healing tech has come a long way since I first saw it,” as an in-fiction description from Nomad puts it. “What impresses me most is the distribution method. She can’t be everywhere at once so I’m grateful to have another medic on the field, we can use as many friends as we can get.”

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