PS5 SSD Deals: What’s on Sale

ps5 ssd 1631731439238 EV8Sue

It’s official: with the latest firmware update, you can now add an SSD to your PS5. But Sony’s new console won’t take just any SSD you have lying around. Solid-state drives must meet some very specific metrics, or else they won’t fit, may overheat, or simply won’t work in your PS5. You can check out our full rundown on PS5 SSDs for all the details.

But to cut through the confusion, all of the SSDs below are compatible with PS5. Better yet, they’re also on sale. We’ve separated out the ones that come with a heatsink from the ones that don’t. If you get one without at heatsink, you can add your own before installing it in your PS5 — though you’ll have to make sure it will fit in the slot. Let’s get to the goods.

PS5-Compatible SSDs With Heatsink

Installing a heatsink isn’t difficult, but you do have to make sure to buy a heatsink that won’t make the SSD too thick to fit into the PS5’s expansion slot. The SSDs above are in stock, on sale, come with a heatsink, and fit into the PS5.

PS5-Compatible SSDs Without Heatsink

If you’re comfortable purchasing and installing your own heatsink, you can save some cash by going DIY.

How to Install an SSD in Your PS5

Sony released a handy video that shows you exactly how to install an SSD into your PS5.

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