Poll: Are You Excited About E3 2021?

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Come for the reveals, stay for the cringe-factor.

It perhaps wasn’t surprising that E3 2021 was announced as an online-only affair; the logistics involved in staging an expo, not to mention all of the preparation and traveling for global exhibitors, made an in-person event impossible in the current circumstances. For the vast majority of those that have followed the event over the years, however, that doesn’t necessarily change much. Instead of watching live streams being hosted from the show floor and LA theatres, we’ll be watching pre-prepared or live broadcasts from company HQs and various other sites.

For many years in times gone by, E3 was the event for major reveals of hardware and games. Nintendo chose the show to pull the DS and later the 3DS out of suit jacket pockets, in addition to revealing systems including Wii and Wii U. Some of the biggest games would be kept under wraps until the show, leading to iconic moments of a theatre of fans going crazy as a teaser trailer started up.

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