Phasmophobia dev teases mystery update coming this Friday

phasmophobia update beta ghosts ZucKOd

Ah, Phasmophobia. A horror game perfect for those who love tracking down spooks just as much as they love being chased by – and falling victim – to them. It’s seen a fair number of updates ushering in new content since it launched in early access last year, with the most recent looking to add two new Phasmophobia ghost types to the game’s beta build. Now, there’s something else on the way – but it’s a bit of a mystery.

Developer Kinetic Games has posted a couple of cryptic tweets on the indie game’s channel which indicate there’s something new, and potentially pretty exciting, coming to Phasmophobia’s beta build (where new content gets tested ahead of its release into the live game, as you’d expect), and soon. “New beta patch will be out this Friday. Not everything is on Trello”, the tweet reads, with a beady eyes emoji hinting at… something.

“What could it be?” a follow-up post teases, with the most teaser-y of emojis next to that, too: the thinking face. But that’s it. Hmm.

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