Patron is a medieval city builder with a new spin on social dynamics out next month

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Patron is an upcoming city-building game that puts a nifty new spin on how social dynamics work that’s due to come to Steam in just over a week. Previously showcased with a demo at this year’s Steam Next Fest, the game meshes the staples of the city builder genre with a “unique social dynamics system” that means you’ll need to be very finely attuned to the whims and wants of your settlement’s people.

As a survival city builder, Patron will see you gather and produce resources to create your town and then build it up to make it the best, most prosperous town it can be. Set in a new land rich with goodies to gather, the game gets you to construct your settlement’s buildings – homes, farms, production plants, manufacturing bases, and “dozens of other[s]” – to house your people and get ’em harvesting and producing.

Where Patron’s own twist comes in is in how you balance the delicate social issues that will arise from those people’s own distinct perspectives, needs, and desires, which can come into conflict with the decisions and actions you make as you go.

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