New WoW board game launches on Kickstarter

wow game vault EY2VsR

You may be getting another way to play World of Warcraft in tabletop form. Blizzard has teamed up with tabletop game maker Game Vaults to launch a World of Warcraft edition on Kickstarter.

The way it plays is simple. Player one is referred to as The Vaulter and commands four game pieces, whereas player two controls 20 pieces as The Blocker. If The Vaulter snags five of your 20 pieces, they win. If The Blocker surrounds four of your parts, though, they’ll win if you can’t move or jump to an adjacent free space.

Game Vaults come with a playing area that sits over four inches taller than the table surface, with some game landing spaces reaching as high as eight inches in select areas, giving you something to mull over as you try to beat your foe. Additionally, seven special game spaces make up a total of 25 playable slots on a Game Vault’s playing surface.

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