New World’s influences span WoW, Diablo, and “even DayZ a little”

new world inspired by wow diablo dayz gate keeper 4l3zQP

Fans of MMOs have a rough time of it. Sure, there are plenty of options out there fulfilling all manner of niches, but if you’re looking for something new and fresh it can be a long wait for innovation. Most of the big dogs are starting to show their age, and can be pretty formulaic when coming up with new tricks each expansion cycle.

That’s what makes new releases like Amazon Games’ New World so exciting. A potential new player in the genre can really spice things up, reinvigorating the scene with different takes on everything from combat and player agency, to how the economy should work. But it’s also vital to iterate on the more traditional features refined by the best MMOs over the past three decades.

How do you go about throwing your hat in the ring without falling by the wayside like so many failed contenders over the years? We chat with Amazon Games studio head Rich Lawrence and New World game director Scot Lane to get their take.

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