New World devs unveil Dark Souls-like dungeon missions: Expeditions

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When New World, Amazon Games’ upcoming fantasy-colonial flavoured MMORPG game, launches on August 31, it’ll feature a new type of instanced event called Expeditions. The studio has just unveiled one of the first of these – called Amrine – giving us an idea of Expeditions’ gameplay, challenges, and big scary bosses.

In a preview event for the new content, Amazon reveals that Expeditions are somewhat akin to dungeon runs you might see in other MMOs. Small gaggles of players head deep into specific locations – in Amrine’s case, a spooky, cavernous network of chambers beneath a forest – to tackle bosses which are tougher than the usual AI nasties you’ll encounter in the game’s world, Aeternum. All for the promise of much better loot drops, of course – this being key given the game’s classless progression system.

Going by Amrine as an example, Excavations’ criteria are pretty simple at face value but demanding in practice, requiring at least three players and an Azoth staff, as well as recommending a minimum level of 25. Once inside, players quickly prep consumables and kit they’ll need, before facing down enemies like Plaguegeists, Scavengers, Punishers, and Retchers – malevolent spirits and zombie-like creatures that pack a punch.

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