New Doctor Who game brings together Jodie Whittaker and David Tennant

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A new Doctor Who game is a rare thing, especially something other than a simple card game. Despite being in yet another year without Doctor Who on TV, BBC Studios has announced a new first-person adventure game – Doctor Who: The Edge of Reality, the sequel/re-imagining of 2019’s VR adventure The Edge of Time.

Even though The Edge of Time was strictly VR, The Edge of Reality “reimagines and expands” on that game to create a proper first-person adventure on PC via Steam and consoles. Apart from the slightly disappointing Doctor Who: The Adventure Games in 2011 and the very disappointing The Eternity Clock in 2012  a proper story-focused Doctor Who game is rare, so this is welcome news.

Even more notable is the fact that The Edge of Reality will bring together current Doctor Jodie Whittaker and fan-favourite Tenth Doctor for the first time in a new story, although the press release suggests the two Doctors won’t be together for the entire game as it sounds like it will include a non-VR remake of The Edge of Time too.

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