Minecraft bees: how to find bees and harvest honey

minecraft bees TIdpGd

Minecraft bees are a neutral Minecraft mob, meaning they’ll keep to themselves unless you mess with them or their nests – seems fair. If, like in reality, you get stung, the bee will lose its stinger and eventually die. Which should hopefully give you a reason to stay clear, or you know, just treat the bee with the respect it deserves.

The honey Minecraft bee is part of the Minecraft Java Edition, and adds what Mojang calls “a large bug” to the lineup of Minecraft mobs. Modders have already created Adventure Time and Bee Movie mods for the bee update, as well as a mod that lets you ride bees in Minecraft by attaching saddles.

Aside from being adorable, Minecraft bees are also incredibly resourceful and just want to live the good life, gathering pollen and helping you grow your crops. They don’t like rain and sleep at night – aww – but can be used to collect honey or craft your very own beehive.

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