Loki’s Locations Are ’90 Percent’ Physical Sets, Director Says

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After five episodes, Marvel’s Loki is now only one week away from debuting its season finale. Though the God of Mischief and his variant Sylvie have been bouncing between extravagant locations across different timelines, series director Kate Herron has stated that the show made a point to use physical environments for a majority of the production.

“Oh, like 90 percent [were physical sets],” Herron told Collider. “There are some aspects of the story obviously, which will become very obvious to people, that are heavy for our visual effects team. I would say everything from Episode 1 to 4 so far was like 95 percent, 90 percent. Obviously in Sharoo, the buildings only go so high and then we extended beyond that.”

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Herron also described her intention behind directing a specific one-shot in Sharoo in Episode 3 of the series, staging a long take to have the audience follow the characters within the flashy environment.

“It was a real nice marriage between visual effects and practical. I think that’s always the dream, right?” Herron said. “I think for us, we were pulling from a lot of old-school references, so for me, the practical also lent itself to that style and that look. And I think it’s however you use the visual effects and the practical working together to give you story. For us, tonally, it just felt like the right way to go about it.”

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Loki will debut the sixth and final episode of its first season next Wednesday, July 14. For more about the Disney Plus series, check out our preview of the show and read our retrospective on the God of Mischief’s journey to becoming one of Marvel’s pivotal villains.

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J. Kim Murphy is a freelance entertainment writer.

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