League of Legends devs are launching a Sentinels update “to help players catch up”

league of legends sentinels of light update progression 8Obo20

Earlier this month, League of Legends‘ big summer bash Sentinels of Light launched, bringing missions, a brand-new mode, and lots of new champion skins. However, it looks like there have been some teething issues with progression for players early into the experience, so developer Riot Games is pushing out an update “to help players catch up”.

“Looking at the data, too many players’ progress through Sentinels of Light is stalling out early in the experience,” League PC events producer Riot 84Slashes says on Twitter. To tackle this, from week three onwards, the devs are introducing a new repeatable mission that’ll reward 600 points for playing a game from one of several of the MOBA game’s various modes – PVP Summoner’s Rift, ARAM, or Ultimate Spellbook – or even a round of League’s sister autobattler Teamfight Tactics.

This change will hit the game on July 22, the dev explains in further tweets, and they clarify that there’s no weekly or daily limit on the replayability of this mission – “it can be done as often as a player chooses”.

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