Imperator: Rome lead joins Hearts of Iron 4 team, shows off new military features

hearts of iron 4 next dlc officer corps MhZanL

You may remember that active development of Imperator: Rome was halted earlier this year, at the same time an internal reshuffle formalised the team structure within grand strategy game developer Paradox Development Studio. While the door was left open for work to resume at a future date, in the meantime those working on the ancient-era strategy game needed to be put to work elsewhere, including game director Peter ‘Arheo’ Nicholson.

It was announced at the end of May that the Imperator devs would be joining forces with the main Hearts of Iron team, and now Nicholson makes his Hearts of Iron 4 dev diary debut today with an update on some new features coming to military management.

The ‘Officer Corps’ is a new UI interface that will attempt to unify various disparate systems into one easy-to-manage location, as well as allowing for more direct specialisation across the core military branches. High command and advisors are now unified in one area, and experience has been overhauled – both in terms of how it’s generated and what you can spend it on.

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