I Am Fish hits DreamHack Beyond with a demo, goodies, and Steam gift card giveaway

i am fish screenshot goldfish x3wN0o

Curve Digital, the publisher behind indie hits like Human: Fall Flat and For the King, is headed to DreamHack Beyond with some big treats in tow. At the free, all-digital games showcase, the studio will be giving attendees the opportunity to dip into a demo of I Am Bread developer Bossa Studios’ physics-based adventure I Am Fish with some added goodies – and there’ll be a competition giving players the chance to win a Steam digital gift card, too.

In case you’re new to the game, I Am Fish is an upcoming adventure about four aquatic pals trying to make their way home by swimming, flying, rolling, and – well, doing just about all they can. Remember in Finding Nemo where the fish have to roll out of a window and plop into the sea to escape their future in a tank? It’s essentially that, but expanded into a whole game, with charming visuals, creative gameplay, and just a touch of dark humour.

If you head to DreamHack Beyond – which runs from July 24 to 31 – you’ll get to try a demo of the game that comes with a digital artbook and wallpaper for your desktop. The demo lets you play the first complete Goldfish level. You start in a bustling town in the heart of Barnardshire county, and need to make your way across its rooftops and roads to the ocean beyond. Gulp. You can replay it to get your score up to the five-star mark and put down the quickest time possible.

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