How to craft guns in Biomutant

biomutant craft guns AuKGK0

Are you looking to craft guns in Biomutant? Some of the best long-ranged and melee weapons Biomutant has to offer are hidden behind its crafting system. Unless you take the time to understand how crafting works, you’ll never unlock the strongest guns in the game. Crafting allows you to build your own guns and armour, providing you have the right materials.

It’s difficult to craft anything within the first few hours of Biomutant as crafting materials are hard to source early on. It’s not until you reach the middle of the game that you have the spare resources needed to craft great items. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your current gear throughout the course of the game, or you want to build the rarest items, the crafting system lets you do all of this and more.

Biomutant has a number of deep systems to explore, including a robust class system. Give our Biomutant best classes and breeds guide a read to find out how you should build your furry friend.

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