How to access the Nakatomi Plaza vault in Warzone

call of duty warzone vault key nakatomi plaza h339EK

Want to know how to access the new Warzone vault in Nakatomi Plaza? The mid-season update to Warzone Season 3 introduces two iconic action heroes to the game: John McClane and John Rambo. Alongside the new operator bundles, Verdansk is receiving an upgrade which adds the legendary Nakatomi Plaza, survival camps, and a CIA outpost to the map.

Modern Verdansk was no stranger to vaults and bunkers as it used to have many secret locations dotted around the map. The mid-season update also introduced a number of balance changes to buff some of the game’s weaker weapons. If you’ve been ignoring the Swiss K31 sniper rifle and PPSh SMG, these weapons have been improved drastically to make them viable in the long-range meta.

Just like in Die Hard, there’s a vault in Nakatomi Plaza which contains game-changing amounts of money and loot. Gaining access to the vault isn’t easy – you’ll want to attempt this heist with a group of friends because enemy squads will be lurking around to steal your access card. Here’s everything you need to know to access the Nakatomi Plaza vault in Warzone.

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