How Do You Prefer to Stream Shows? Weekly vs. Binge – State of Streaming 3.0

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There are more streaming networks than ever before, so if you have questions about the future of streaming, then you’ve come to the right place. All week long, IGN’s State of Streaming 3.0 initiative is featuring reviews and in-depth analysis about current streaming providers like Netflix, Disney+, HBO Max, Amazon Prime Video, and more!

With IGN’s State of Streaming 3.0 upon us, we must ask the ultimate streaming question: Do you prefer to binge your favorite shows, or do you enjoy having episodes released weekly, forcing you to not watch them immediately one after another? Think of Disney+ series’ such as The Mandalorian, Loki, and WandaVision releasing weekly episodes – versus Netflix’s Stranger Things and The Witcher who just drop the entire season at once.

Vote in our poll below to let us know your favorite way to stream shows!

As of the time of writing, 73% of IGN readers prefer to binge TV shows, whereas only 27% would rather watch episodes weekly. In another IGN poll, we asked readers which streaming service they use most often, with Netflix coming in strong in first place with 47%, Disney+ following at nearly 20%, and HBO Max in third place at 13%.

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