Hood Outlaws and Legends characters – weapons, traits, and abilities

hood outlaws legends characters l6XEwb

Looking for all the available characters and classes in Hood Outlaws and Legends? The latest PvPvE medieval, co-op game sees you team up with three other players to infiltrate strongholds, enact the perfect heist, and fend off the rival team with their sights set on the same guarded treasure.

After successfully taking down the guards and stealing the vault key from the Sheriff, avoiding enemy execution, and nabbing the treasure – you’ll need to make your grand escape, avoiding detection from both the enemy team and the Sheriff who are both hot on your tail.

You get to do all this while playing as the legendary outlaw, Robin Hood, as well as other characters from the English folklore. You’ll need to work together to figure out the right approach and that means finding a character that matches your playstyle, whether that’s the stealthy assassin or the powerful tank. Here are all the characters and the best class to choose if you’re diving into Hood Outlaws and Legends.

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