Hardware Review: MiSTer FPGA – A Tantalising Glimpse Into The Future Of Retro Gaming


Hands-on with the DIY wonder box.

There’s really never been a better time to be a retro gamer. Thanks to digital stores, micro consoles and DIY emulation boxes, we now have access to decades of gaming content – most of which can be played on our modern-day HD televisions without having to invest in expensive custom AV cables or dust off original hardware. The appetite for vintage gaming has arguably played a huge part in this deluge of content, which means that, should you feel the urge to sample the classics of yesteryear, then it’s not hyperbole to say you’re practically spoilt for choice.

Of course, not all of these options are created equal. The NES Classic, for example, is the perfect entry point for casual players – it offers excellent emulation and comes with an authentic controller; another big plus is that it’s created by Nintendo itself so is legally watertight and buying it allows you to reward the copyright owner of the original games (before reading on, yes this piece will indeed be talking about the shady practice of using ROMs, so if that kind of discussion brings you out in hives, we’d advise you navigate away from this page immediately). However, critics will point out that, although the emulation is superb, it’s still software-based and therefore cannot be considered totally accurate – you’re also limited by the fact that the NES Classic cannot be (officially) updated with new games.

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