Hardware Review: Genki Shadowcast – A Solution In Search Of A Problem

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No TV, no problem?

With a wildly successful crowdfunding campaign behind it, the Genki Shadowcast has every right to be seen as a must-have accessory for Nintendo Switch owners. Indeed, its status as one of the world’s smallest capture cards makes it eminently noteworthy, and it comes with some other cool tricks which might not be all that obvious at first glance. However, despite the impressive technical feats this tiny device is capable of, it’s difficult to shake the feeling that it’s a solution for a problem which never really existed in the first place.

Before we get to that, though, it’s worth explaining exactly what the Shadowcast is. It’s a dongle which plugs into the HDMI port of your Switch dock (or any HDMI port, actually) and allows you to display the resultant image on your PC or laptop’s screen. You can also capture gameplay footage and screenshots at the same time, making this one of the smallest (and cheapest) capture cards available right now.

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