Hands On: Book4Games’ “Precision Game Storage” – Fancy Warehousing For Your Loose SNES Carts


We go hands-on with the fanciest alternative to a shoebox yet.

Many years ago, some wise penny-pincher at Nintendo decided that shipping games in flimsy cardboard boxes was a sound business decision, and as a result, NES, Game Boy, SNES and even N64 owners had to endure packaging that was annoyingly delicate when compared to that seen on rival systems, like the Sega Mega Drive and NEC PC Engine.

The end result is that the secondary market is flooded with loose Nintendo carts, thanks to the fact that, over the decades, countless boxes have been relegated to the rubbish bin. At Nintendo Life Towers, we understand this sorry situation; while we have a selection of boxed SNES titles, we also possess a shoebox (usually kept well out of view) crammed with loose carts. Before you angrily brandish your pitchfork, we must add that the games were purchased second-hand in ‘loose’ condition; we were not responsible for the destruction of any of the boxes or instructions ourselves. We’re not animals.

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