Halo Infinite’s Battle Pass has “greater depth” than shown but is still Challenge-only

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Halo Infinite caused some controversy this week when developer 343 Industries revealed that earning XP and progressing within Infinite’s Battle Pass was entirely tied to the game’s multiplayer Challenges. In a new update, 343 says that this system has “significantly greater depth” than players might expect, but it’s seemingly sticking with quest-only XP for now.

343 surprised a fair few Halo fans earlier this week when it confirmed in a blog post that the Battle Pass for Halo Infinite multiplayer – which will be free to play, remember, and released at the same time as the campaign in December – is having its progression tied to just completing Challenges, unlike similar Battle Passes for games such as Apex Legends or Fortnite where XP is per-match.

Now 343 has released another update on the Battle Pass in a post about feedback from the first Technical Preview beta held over a month ago. Responding to criticism about Challenges and progression, the team says “there is significantly greater depth with the Weekly Challenges than you saw in the Tech Preview.”

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