Guide: Metroid Games You Need To Play Before Metroid Dread

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Here’s how to catch up on Samus’ story.

After 19 years away, the Metroid series is finally returning to its roots with a brand new entry into its mainline 2D series. Metroid Dread will be the fifth game in the beloved franchise’s core lineup when it launches on Switch this October, and if our chat with the game’s producer is anything to go by, that 19-year gap will have been more than worth the wait.

It makes us feel painfully old to say it, but we’ve no doubt there are plenty of you reading this who weren’t old enough to be playing games – or perhaps not even old enough to have been born yet – when the series’ last entry arrived on store shelves. Metroid celebrates its 35th anniversary this year, too, so even series veterans might be feeling a little rusty on their Chozo lore.

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