Guardians of the Galaxy is a linear action-adventure, not Mass Effect

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Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy is the next game from Deus Ex: Human Revolution developer Eidos Montreal, so that and both the player choices and the Mass Effect-style conversation system shown in the trailer led fans to hope the game would be an RPG – apparently that’s not the case, Guardians of the Galaxy is a linear action-adventure.

Guardians of the Galaxy was revealed at E3 2021 in June and was given a release date of October, and it certainly looks to be a fun game. However, the choice-based dialogue system and the space exploration seemed to suggest that Guardians of the Galaxy was a Mass Effect-style RPG – that’s apparently not the case.

Speaking with RPG Site, senior creative director Jean-François Dugas confirmed that Guardians of the Galaxy had “some RPG elements”, but “it is still an action-adventure first and foremost”. The story does indeed have some moments of player choice – from some scenes getting a “different flavour” to a whole new scenario playing out for the bigger choices.

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