GTA Online’s panther statue is finally lootable from the Cayo Perico heist

gta online weekly update nagasaki weaponised dinghy 1 8vM4FX

At long last, you can now nab the panther statue from GTA Online’s Cayo Perico heist. Players have been dipping into Los Santos to see what’s new in the GTA Online weekly update and lo and behold! There it is, alongside the usual offering of discounts and boosted rewards.

Rockstar Games tipster Tez2 explains that the statue is available as Cayo Perico loot with a one-time guaranteed chance this week. Players have been waiting for this one as it’s the most lucrative thing you can get from the heist, fetching a price of GTA $1.73 million on normal and GTA $1.9 million on the hard difficulty. Now that’s available, nabbing it should be a breeze. Simply select the panther statue as your heist target, decide on your approach for the Cayo Perico heist, and then jump in and swipe it.

The way this all works is similar to what Rockstar has done with the Diamond Casino heist. The most lucrative thing you can capture from the casino’s vault is diamonds, though it’s only offered when special events roll around.

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